”Jag vill att min konst ska ge den där känslan - när du bara andas ut och sänker axlarna.” 

Céline dras till ett minimalistiskt uttryck och försöker alltid hitta skönheten i det enkla och oväntade. Naturen är en stor källa för inspiration, både med dess toner, skiftningar och kontrasterna mellan det lugna och dramatiska. 

  • ”Wow! Today an original water colour painting from my favorite water colour artist arrived. So excited to have a painting of Célines. It is exquisite, even more, beautiful than the photos.”

    Kate St.Clair

  • ”I’ve been connected to Céline for almost two years on Instagram, where we shared art, inspiration, and kindness. At some point, I wanted to award myself with some of her beautiful art and ordered a small, delicate painting on paper. It arrived safe and well, and has since then been a wonderful addition to my home, a gentle eye-catcher, and a memory of our experiences together.”
    Lisa Øyås, @loekunst

  • ”Celine is a joy to work with – she took our brief directive and created lovely and meaningful pieces for our client that were beyond our expectations.”

    Melanie Heiser,
    Katie Carlin Interiors